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Elijah Spina, PhD

Elijah Spina, PhD

Cofounder @ BanklessDeSci, OpenCann Network


PhD Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology (UCSB); Former biotech startup CEO/CTO

Social Media

Can Web3 Social Disrupt Scientific Publishing?

After a short introduction to set the context, we'll spend ~10min contrasting features of web2 social vs web3 social by collaborating on a shared Miro Whiteboard. The whiteboard will start with a grid of post-its, each containing an empty template intended to represent one feature of a social media platform. Participants will be invited to copy a post-it (or multiple), then fill in details about one feature they either like or dislike. Each post-it will have space for a title, description, screenshot, and a pros/cons list. At the end of the brainstorm, we'll spend the next ~10 minutes conducting a "dotmocracy" vote to determine which features we think could disrupt the current paradigm of scientific publishing the most, and discussing why. Anyone can speak at anytime throughout the session, so that ideas can surface and be critiqued by the group as individual people add them to the whiteboard. Format: open-mic fishbowl discussion + dotmocracy whiteboard brainstorming Proposed Duration: 20min My role as facilitator: create the whiteboard, timekeeper, participate in the whiteboard brainstorm, participate in the open-mic discussion Participant role(s): add features of web2 & web3 social to the whiteboard, discuss pros/cons of micropublication on social media, vote on features with the greatest potential to disrupt the current paradigm of scientific publishing and peer-review