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Gennaro D'Urso

Gennaro D'Urso

Cofounder @ Genetic Networks, PharmaDAO


CEO, Genetic Networks

Social Media

How can decentralization and Web3 technologies recenter the pharmaceutical industry on people, not profits?

We will start by providing information and numbers about the current state of the pharmaceutical industry concerning generic drugs. We'll explain how they fall short in repurposing drugs that have outlived their patent protection, regardless of the potential benefits, due to a lack of sufficiently large financial incentives for major drug companies. Consequently, millions of lives are needlessly lost globally every year. Following the presentation of PharmaDAO's main values, we would like to engage in a brainstorming session with the participants to generate new ideas on how a DAO structure and NFTs could empower people worldwide. The goal is to create a global nonprofit organization focused on drug development and repurposing, with the mission of delivering affordable treatment for human diseases. Profits would be directly reinvested in achieving this objective. Format: Slde presentation + Open talks Proposed Duration: 30min My role as facilitator: Create a presentation to be shared with the participants and participate in the brainstorming talks with PharmaDAO Founder Participant role(s): Participate in open discussions to generate new ideas (structural features, utility for DAO members, partnerships) that could contribute to the mission we want to achieve.