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Maria Marinova, PhD

Maria Marinova, PhD

Core Team @ AthenaDAO, VitaDAO


Everything longevity and reproductive aging. PhD in aging & fertility preservation. DeSci & Web3.

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Synergy or Succession: Can DeSci Complement or Replace TradSci Paradigms?

This session seeks to explore the dynamic interplay between traditional and decentralized scientific methodologies. Participants will engage on how these two function independently and together, assessing the potential for decentralized science to either integrate into or supplant traditional approaches. Brief Introduction from Facilitator: As the session facilitator, I will open with a 5-minute introduction outlining the core tenets of traditional science — and contrast these with the fluid, open-access nature of decentralized science. Examples from VitaDAO (and maybe AthenaDAO) workflow and approaches used. Participant Activities and Discussion: Interactive Polls and Surveys Discuss specific aspects of traditional and decentralized science, such as funding models, data sharing, and translational output and impact. Idea Mapping: collaborative virtual whiteboard space Group reflection/discussion Proposed Duration: 20 minutes. Facilitator's Role: As the facilitator, my role will be to guide the conversation and give a short intro talk Participant Roles: Active Contributors: Participants are expected to actively engage in discussions, sharing their insights and ask questions.