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Biohacking to become an X-Man

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From Human to X-Men: The Quantified Self Hive Mind

I will introduce the concepts of Quantified Self and Biohacking, illustrated by my five-year-long journey culminating in the creation of Trace. Trace is my personal system of tracking 40 of my own biomarkers daily, and using them to optimize my body and mind. This might be pushing the boundaries of Quantified Self, but it’s still within the established realm of N-of-1.My next question is, how can we leverage social and web3 tooling to expand this into a shared endeavor and build a protocol that large groups of people can use, to create hive intelligence, based on similar data. Format: Intro pres (5 min) Q&A + discussion (10 min) Whiteboard brainstorm (15 min) Conclusions (5-10 min) Proposed Duration: 45min My role as facilitator: Stage setting; brainstorm facilitating; timekeeping Participant role(s): Engage in discussion, come up with ideas in brainstorming, collectively explore next steps