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Morgan Richards

Morgan Richards

Product and Tokenomics Lead @ ValleyDAO


Product and Tokenomics Lead, ValleyDAO

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Ecosystem Design for DeSci

There are a tonne of cool projects popping up in DeSci; from BioDAOs to DePublishing. However, DeSci is on track to repeat the same mistakes as mainstream web3 by being too fragmented and not prioritising the user experience. For mission-driven communities in particular, there are often many tools that, when used in conjunction, could create a holistic and seamless ecosystem for scientific collaboration. It’s currently difficult to incentivise traditional scientists to take the leap into DeSci and when they do, there’s a tonne of friction for onboarding to the weird and wacky workflows that are often totally unfamiliar to their current way of working. This workshop will aim to map out what features and functionalities we need to provide for DeSci to give an easy-to-use all-encompassing scientific ecosystem that can be applied to any vertical and get people using the principles of lean product development. Format: 5-min stage setting (introductory presentation and outline of the workshop) 15-min breakout sessions (using Miro boards) where participants will play the role of a hyper-efficient product discovery team 10-min summarise and review (group share) Proposed Duration: 30 Minutes My Role as Facilitator: Setting the context and outlining format Mediating discussions (hopping in and out of breakouts) Time-keeping Miro-board creation and management Participant Roles: User (Scientist, Investor, Student) UX Designer Product Owner Product Developer(s)