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Nishant Bhaskar

Nishant Bhaskar

CEO & Co-founder @ Lomads


With over a decade in innovation and strategy, Nishant has made a mark in the corporate world, consulting for major firms like P&G and Intel, and spearheading initiatives at Godrej Group. His true passion emerged with co-founding Lomads, a pioneering platform in ops and finance management, esp. for DeSci and open-source projects. Over two years, he has seen it grow and connect communities. Outside the office, Nishant is an adventurer at heart, passionate about mountain trekking and snorkeling.

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Back to the Future: Preempting Pitfalls in Decentralized Science

As crypto gears up for a new bull run, it's time to ask: how do we navigate its hype and potential pitfalls? Join my workshop, "Back to the Future: Preempting Pitfalls in Decentralized Science," for a collaborative foresight session. We'll dive into what could go wrong in DeSci, identifying warning signs and lessons from DAOs and art NFTs. Our goal is proactive: to set a course for DeSci that thrives in the bull market and beyond. In this premortem session, we'll turn potential challenges into opportunities, shaping a resilient future for DeSci.