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Rodrigo NuñΞz

Rodrigo NuñΞz

Co-founder and Builder @ MesoReefDAO


A coral reef researcher focused on diverse projects in the Mexican Caribbean, his work involves education, citizen science, and research in herbivory, biodiversity, and coral reef restoration.

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MesoReefDAO: Regenerating Coral Reef Conservation

MesoReefDAO (Mesoamerican Reef DAO) is a Regenerative Coral Reef Science initiative that focuses on the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of DeSci (Decentralized Science) that seeks to scale coral reef conservation efforts in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Format: Slides Duration: 30 min virtual videotalk My role: Co-Founder MesoReefDAO. Needs: N/A Key goals: ⁃ building for a year (january, 2023) ⁃ Reach out stakeholders ⁃ Divulgation ⁃ How to get involved? ⁃ Highlights ⁃ Explore the DeSci Bankless Scene