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Tom Gregorits

Tom Gregorits

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DeSci enthusiast, Senior Client Engagement Manager at BioPharm Communications

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DeSci Takes on Healthcare: Disrupting the Incumbents

We are all well aware that the big pharma industry is bound to be disrupted by the promises of DeSci. My breakout session will focus on several of today’s issues with our current healthcare system and propagate ideas as to how DeSci can disrupt the current state of healthcare/big pharma. I will present a short introduction of slides (5ish mins) sharing some of the limitations of Big Pharma/healthcare today. Several ideas may include research development focus only being disease states they can profit from, silos of clinical trials, focus on maximizing shareholder value rather than patient outcomes. Upon diving into several of the short falls of big pharma and healthcare today, I will have a whiteboard session asking the audience to write down how DeSci can help transform and disrupt the current problems I highlighted (Left side of whiteboard will be current issues of big pharma/healthcare I highlighted, right side will be for the audience to write down how DeSci disrupts the existing structure). Upon completion of my brief walkthrough session, this will be an open discussion and collaborative effort with the full group. Anyone can post on the whiteboard and share their ideas at any time during the whiteboard session as this will be a high-level discussion. Format: Brief presentation followed by whiteboard group brainstorming session. Proposed Duration: 20 Mins Role as Facilitator: Share shortfalls of big pharma, create whiteboard, timekeeper, participant in discussion and helping foster an open discussion between attendees. Participants role: Share their ideas as to how DeSci will disrupt the existing stateof healthcare/big pharma today. Write down ideas and have an open discussion amongst attendees.