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Varun Kothamachu

Varun Kothamachu

Founder @ microDAO


I'm an interdisciplinary thinker working at the intersection of biology, technology, and policy. Over the past decade, I've become increasingly concerned about the silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance. If we don't act, common infections could once again become untreatable, potentially leading to 10 million deaths annually by 2050.

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Building the microDAO Community

microDAO is building a community to tackle the emerging problem of antimicrobial resistance. It aims to make good antimicrobial stewardship sustainable. To do this, it is building tools to empower stakeholders from pharma, healthcare providers, public health officials, clinicians and patients to implement good stewardship and plans to use revenue generated from the use of these tools to offer funding support for new antibiotics development. In this interactive session, we'll collaboratively brainstorm strategies for building a strong community for microDAO. I'll provide a brief overview of the DAO's mission and goals and the key target community member personas for the DAO’s community. We will then use a shared Miro board to capture ideas on the key value statements that motivate each of these personas to participate in the community, the types of activities/events and marketing channels that the DAO will need to employ to engage them and finally vote on a prioritised set of next steps. Participants can add post-its with suggestions to a section of the board dedicated to each topic. We'll wrap up by dot voting on the top 3 priority ideas in each area. Format: Facilitated open discussion + collaborative dot voting mindmap Duration: 40 mins My role: Provide context on microDAO, facilitate discussion, manage the Miro board, timekeeper Participant role: Share suggestions on the Miro board, vote on priority ideas Needs: Miro or equivalent virtual whiteboard Key goals: Gather perspectives on value statements to target for engaging the intended community member personas Identify activities/events and marketing channels to reach stakeholders Identify priority actions for community growth .